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Choose from the list below the service you need and you will be redirected to our pricing form where you select the services you need with the total cost in USD$ (1$ = 600FCFA) and we will send you an invoice in less than 24hours.


Website Designing

We build professional websites for NGOs, Churches, Orphanages, Personal brands, Online Stores, Companies, Schools etc


Graphics Designing

We design professional flyers and logos of all sort to help our clients build a unique professional brand for better visibility and identification


Results Proven Ads

We run effective Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Google ads for our clients with satisfying results to help them increase visibility and sales.


Email & SMS Marketing

With our data base of 5000 email addresses and mobile numbers and counting, we do direct email and SMS marketing for to client to reach their customers directly in their mobile devises. 


Effective SEO

At Taf Digital, we take your website on Google first page and top ranking with premium key words that all link to your website to drive traffic, increase visibility and customer base.


Virtual Cards and Account Creation

We create virtual credit cards for our clients to use to make purchases online. We also create virtual USA and UK bank accounts to ease international transactions.


Company Registration

One of our expertise is also our ability to register your business as a US or UK base company where you will have access to verified stripe account, payment account, physical bank account, EIN and mobile number


Branding Social Media Handles

Every business should have a professionally branded social media handles to build confidence, customer trust, increase awareness, visibility, recommendations and sales.


Social Media Management

At Taf Digital, we also manage social media handles of our clients were will create daily or weekly content with professional flyers to create awareness/visibility, engagements and convert their engagements in to leads. 

Security Protection
Our Privacy and Security Terms

Taf Digital Understood that clients love their privacies and not all will want their site to be on our list of work. At that we respect every clients privacy though we really appreciate those who let us use their work as reference to other clients. 

Our client sites are hosted on Taf Host

Taf Host offers unlimited everything, depending on your budget and your website content or functionality

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